Welcome to Preston Green! On behalf of our Homeowner’s Association (HOA) we would like to welcome you to our neighborhood. Whether you are a longtime resident, a new neighbor, or are considering moving to Preston Green, we hope you will find this site useful and valuable.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
Upcoming Events
Annual HOA Meeting
Wednesday, November 15 2017, 6:30PM 
Palios Pizza Cafe
1941 Preston Road, Suite 1004
Preston, TX 75093

Neighborhood Improvements
As you may have noticed, Preston Green has a new look! As part of a large landscape improvement project, we have installed all new, drought-tolerant shrubs and plants in all of the entrance beds. Some of the shrubs include yucca pendula, lorapetulum, kaleidoscope abelia, and west texas sage.
Another way we have updated these beds is by installing drip irrigation watering.  As the summer heats up, the drip irrigation will help keep our entrances healthy without wasting any water and being cost effective.  In addition, if the city of Plano tightens water restrictions, having the drip irrigation will allow us to continue watering without interruption. 

Selling Your Home?
Residents, please be sure to visit the Governing Documents page for information on obtaining a Resale Certificate if you are selling your home.

Winter Watering
Effective November 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018, Plano residents are asked to only water their landscaping a maximum of once per week:
  • Even addresses may water on Thursdays.
  • Odd addresses may water on Tuesdays.
Turn off automatic sprinklers now that cooler weather has arrived. Most grasses go dormant until spring, which reduces your lawn's need for water. Subscribe to WaterMyYard.org for weekly watering recommendations. 
If water is needed, set your sprinklers to run when the temperature is warmer, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., to avoid icing of streets and sidewalks.
Planting cool season grasses, such as rye or fescue, is discouraged. These grasses require extra water during the winter months. 
Excessive water runoff and watering during rain, ice or snow is prohibited. 
A variance may be requested to water new landscapes for up to 30 days. Instructions are available at plano.gov/variances. Variances are not required for filling pools.

Bulk Waste Pick-up
The City of Plano offers monthly pick-up of bulk waste. Please do not put bulk waste out more than 5 days in advance. 
Preston Green 2017 bulk pick-up days are:
        October 17
        November 21
        December 19
Click here for specifics on bulk trash collection from the City of Plano.